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Hello fellow foodies!


Welcome to CULTLINARY. Fusing culture and culinary together, this humble community is born. A portal aims to bring each and every chef together. Be it amateur or experienced, home chef or professional chef, we want you to join us on this gastronomic journey.


At CULTLINARY, we love to make your cooking experience fun and easy. Discover, read and share amazing cooking content. Be it recipes or cooking tips, CULTLINARY provides a platform for like-minded people to connect, discuss and inspire others. Host a food gathering, food charity or maybe even a food workshop for aspiring cooks and who knows, you might even help them achieve their culinary dreams.  So hop on the foodie wagon and share your bits of foodventure with us and start CULTLINARYING now!


About the man behind CULTLINARY


Alvin Lee, ex-cabin crew who stepped foot in many cities around the world and had his tummy filled with tons of yummilicious food. A home chef with no professional experience, almost burnt down his kitchen during his early days of his cooking escapades. During his jet-setting career, he realized how food could connect people from all walks of life and the discovery of different cultures. Food also brings happiness, especially home cooked food for the ones you love and care about. Being a hospitable home chef, Alvin enjoys inviting friends over and experimenting different recipes during the weekends. His friends even created an abbreviation for him. #ACS = Alvin Cooks Saturday / Alvin Cooks Sunday. All these led him to start up this culinary portal to unite all food lovers.


Parent Company profile


CULTLINARY is a brainchild of Social Enzyme, which believes in paving the way for the betterment of the society/community. The word Social refers to the society while Enzyme symbolizes all of us as biocatalysts, coming together to pave the way for betterment of the community. Social Enzyme is constantly looking for ways to improve life of society/community.


Let us know if you have any feedback, comment or looking for any collaboration. Drop us an email: ingredient@cultlinary.sg

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