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Cultlinary Episode 26 – Rainbow Kueh Lapis Sagu 九层糕


Rice Flour
50 Grams
Tapioca Flour
175 Grams
Caster Sugar
175 Grams
Thick Coconut Milk
250 Milliliters
Green Pandan Paste
Rainbow food colouring

Preparation mode:

  1.  Sieve the tapioca and rice flours to a big bowl. Add in sugar. Stir well and make a well in the middle of the dry mix.
  2. Add in water and coconut milk. Use a whisk to mix it evenly.
  3. Sieve the flour solution into another bowl. This is to ensure that there’s no lumps in the liquid mixture.
  4. Divide the mixture into 9 portions. 7 portions will be the rainbow colours and the other two you can just choose whichever colours you want.
  5. Get ready the steamer and make sure the water is boiling hot.
  6. Grease the tin with oil. This is to ensure easy removal of the kueh after steaming.
  7. Pour in the first portion and let it steam for 5 minutes.
  8. As the layer gets higher, it will take longer than 5 minutes to cook. Thus, ensure that the layer is solid before pour the next portion over it.
  9. Once it’s done, let it cool down for a few hours, preferably overnight, before removing the kueh out.
  10. Once the kueh is removed, lightly grease the knife to ensure a nicer cut on the kueh.

Best served at room temperature. Enjoy!